Army Veteran & Realtor in Boise, Idaho

My name is Anna Maria Slemp, but my friends and family call me Katita. I am a family-oriented, adventurous mother who has completely been influenced by a loving family and former career in the Army, all of which contributed to my most closely held values – people first, integrity always!


I followed my father into the Army, earned my Bachelor’s  degree from the United States Military Academy, and had the enormous blessing of serving 20 years with some of the best men and women of our nation. One cannot navigate those experiences without radically gaining perspective on life, resect the value of people, and the learn the indispensability of integrity. My 20 years in the military were educational, eye-opening, harrowing, and exhilarating. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and have come to recognize that my life has a great purpose. I aim to fulfill it by serving others through Idaho Bliss Realty Partners!

My husband, who I met in the Army, and I share a passion for people and wise investments. We have two beautiful daughters. Both are such a blessing to us. It is our vision that our love for family and passion for people will help us make Idaho Bliss Realty a blessing to others who are passionate about discovering their ideal home.


As a Realtor, it is my duty to help your home dreams come true. As a homeowner myself, I understand the excitement of the hunt, the vision for future family events and gatherings, and the nostalgia of building memories as a family. I hope to bring clarity to the home buying, or selling, experience. We will provide choices for your future homes and simplification of the entire process. Idaho Bliss Realty exists to help you do this. Let’s have fun! We truly look forward to meeting you!

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