Storey Bark Park

We all love to spend quality time with our pets! If you are looking to find the perfect dog park close to Meridian then look only as far as Storey Bark Park, located in Boise, Idaho. This five-acre dog park offers a wide variety of outdoor and indoor facilities for dogs and their owners, including shaded areas, walking trails, and even a splash pad! Open year-round from dawn till dusk; Storey Bark Park is the perfect place to get some fresh air and bond with your four-legged family member.
At Storey Bark Park, dogs and their owners can enjoy a range of amenities, including benches, picnic tables, water fountains, wash stations, shade trees, and even a puppy playground. The park also features several agility courses and designated areas for small dogs, ensuring that everyone has a fun and safe experience.
Visiting Storey Bark Park offers numerous benefits, including promoting physical activity and improving cardiovascular health for both humans and animals. Additionally, spending time outdoors will improve mental well-being, combatting feelings of stress and anxiety. Regular socialization with other dogs also helps to develop good habits and prevent potential behavioral issues.
To ensure the safety and security of all guests, Storey Bark Park has implemented regulations, including laws restricting certain behaviors such as running off-leash and aggressive behavior towards other guests. The staff members continuously monitor the area to ensure that all guests are following the rules and regulations.
If you plan to visit Storey Bark Park, bring snacks and water for your pup, a sturdy leash and collar, and toys if they enjoy playing. It’s also important to stay aware of your surroundings and potential hazards, and to leave personal belongings in your car. Storey Bark Park hosts various special events and activities, including obedience classes, group walks, picnics, and themed days.
Storey Bark Park is a fantastic spot to spend time with your furry friend and enjoy the great outdoors. Because of it’s wide range of amenities and events, it’s a hit with dogs and their owners alike!

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