Meridian Farmers Market

If you’re looking for fresh, local produce or just a fun outing to enjoy with your family and friends, the Meridian Farmers Market is the place to be! Located in Meridian, Id, this beloved market offers shoppers an opportunity to purchase locally sourced items while supporting small businesses. Established in 2009, The Meridian Farmers Market has been bringing together our community with more than 40 vendors every Wednesday from 4-8pm.

An Overview of the Meridian Farmers Market: The Meridian Farmers Market provides an open-air marketplace that brings together various local vendors selling everything from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to handmade crafts and artisanal food products. Shoppers can also expect to find farm fresh flowers, succulents, herbs, honey, jams and jellies. With weekly music performances and additional special events throughout the season – shopping at this market is always a unique experience for everyone!

What Vendors Offer at The Market: At any given day of the week during their season (June through October), visitors can expect to find a wide variety of offerings from local farmers and small business owners such as homemade baked goods like pies & cakes , freshly grown greens / root vegetables , organic beef / chicken , free range eggs & dairy products , flowers & succulents , garden plants & seeds , vintage items like furniture / books … plus much more !

Fun Activities and Events at The Market:

Alongside usual merchandise available each week , shoppers will find regular happenings throughout their event season that make attending even more enjoyable ! Some examples include cultural dance performances live entertainment / storytellers workshops teaching new recipes based around produce sold farmers market art displays featuring works from area students . Plus occasional celebrations commemorating things like National Farmers Markets Week (August 7th ) offer even greater variety activities available .

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